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In some cases it might not be clear what is allowed, and what is not. Therefore P2PSports has, in conjunction with all the P2Psports moderators, created a set of rules that all MyP2P members are obliged to live up to.

These are the Rules......

We strongly disallow spam, in the most general definition of the word.

Advertisements of websites related to sports are allowed. But only they should be in links. No banners, Pictures, etc.

Let moderators or administrators deal with arguments and issues. If you do not agree with the content of a post or topic, or if you find someone’s input annoying, please use the report button to inform us.

Foul language is prohibited. We know most of the members use some words as slang, not meaning to offend anyone. However, we cannot have some gray area of allowed words, to improve clarity on this subject.

No Live Streaming Post are Allowed.

Always pay your respect to a streamer or stream. Although the quality of a stream might be poor, remember that a streamer provides us with a service free of charge, and spends his time helping out most of us. Criticizing a stream is not allowed. On the other hand, giving advicem feedback or help to a streamer is appreciated.

Always read a topic before replying. There might be valuable information in the posts which could make your reply unnecessary. Asking already answered questions testifies of a lack of respect.

The only allowed language on our forums is English, unless clearly allowed by an Administrator or Moderator. We know English is hard for some members, but we want to create a transparent community with information accessible for everyone. There also are lots of online dictionaries out there!

Links to other p2p or multi-channel/sport streaming websites are allowed.

The total Signature Area can be no larger than 800px X 250px in size. This includes all images, banners & text/links combined.
(The ideal banner size is 500px X 200px & the smaller userbars are preferred.) The total combined filesize for all images is 250 KB.

Important notice: It is not allowed to post messages on the p2psports Forum that contain hyperlinks to streams of games in the Dutch Eredivisie competition. Myp2p will immediately remove such messages. Also untill further notice we can't allow links to the AllSvenskan and Elitserien.

It is prohibited to post any messages or links on this Forum that directly or indirectly grant access to FIA Formula One World Championship and GP2 Series audio-visual materials including live streams and still images derived from these materials.

What are the consequences of violating these rules?

We do not feel obliged to you to clearly specify the weight of an offense and provide a list of what consequences these offenses have. At this point we trust our moderators to deal with the situation appropriately. Punishments might vary from bans of 1 hour to a complete removal of your account. As a decent forum visitor you should keep in mind that you do not have to be afraid of anything .

A final note

This is not an end-all list of rules, and the administrators and moderators reserve the right to issue citations and bans as warranted for unique situations not already covered in this list. Additions will also be made to this list as warranted.

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